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Bear McLaughlin

Let's start out with the obvious, my name!  My given name is Tammara but most know me as Bear. This was a nickname my father gave me when I was very young. Apparently I walked like a little bear. I embraced the name, and it has been my handle ever since.

I am a self taught artist getting my start while cleaning up my families trash business. I would reuse pieces of metal I found laying around the property while also cutting garbage containers into design and welding the pieces together.  When my pieces were finished I went to the corner of a busy street and sold them, only to get pushed away by a local business person (gallery owner) who ended up buying all the pieces;  I was hooked I was an artist.


After many years as a metal artist I began to feel the need to create a different style.  I began incorporating acrylic paint and wood, there were no limits to my creativity. My style has grown as much as I have in the past 30 years yet always staying true to myself.  My earliest collectors recognize my new work even though it has changed substantially. 

Whether you are a new collector or have been following me for years you will not be disappointed with your Bear original!  Just move fast because you never know when my work will change again!

Thank you for reading this and enjoying my work



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